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Can I have a legal wedding ceremony in any venue of my choice in Ecuador?

Yes and No. Legal ceremonies take place in the town hall (Registro civil - closest to either the Bride or Groom’s (or their parents’ in some cases) principal residence in Ecuador). The civil ceremony is the only type of legally recognized ceremony in Ecuador.  The officiant from the town hall may in some cases conduct a civil ceremony outside of the town hall but it has to be planned in advance and only for two Ecuadorians or two Ecuadorian residents.

Is it possible to hold a legal civil wedding ceremony in Ecuador if neither the future Bride nor Groom is an Ecuadorian resident?

From experience, the answer to this question is no. According to Ecuadorian civil law, you must be a resident in Ecuador for at least 3 months before you can legally be married here.  It is generally quite complicated to prove residency. But it is not impossible to do.

What are the alternatives if I am not able to hold a legal ceremony in Ecuador?

Many of our clients hold a civil ceremony in their country of residence the week before coming out to Ecuador for their main wedding celebrations. Once in Ecuador, there are 3 possibilities:
1. A religious ceremony in a religious place of worship.
2. A religious ceremony held at the wedding venue.
3. A non-religious ceremony held at the wedding venue.
It is very easy to organize options 2 or 3 but option 1 can be more complicated (but not impossible of course). This is because religious ceremonies in Ecuador will generally be carried out solely in Spanish and you will be required to meet with the officiant several times in advance of the wedding to prepare for the wedding. Some officiants only marry people who are regular members of the religious establishment but some are more flexible and are happy to marry foreigners. In the Christian faith, it is generally easier to have a religious ceremony in a Christian Church as they are usually run and attended by English speakers. Options 2 and 3 are very easy to organize as there are several fantastic professional wedding celebrants / officiants in the local area who specialize in conducting wedding ceremonies in any location of your choice. They are usually not attached to any one religious establishment and are generally very open to performing religious, spiritual and non-religious ceremonies and even mixed faith, bilingual ceremonies. Most of the ceremonies we have organized have either been carried out by one of the professional wedding celebrants we work with, a friend / member of the family who is a good public speaker or by an officiant from the couple’s home town. We also do Humanist ceremonies.

What makes you different to other wedding planners in Ecuador?

We would like to think that we offer a very professional approach to wedding planning which has an impact on the way we work, the way we communicate with our clients and our ability to anticipate and fully understand the vision that our clients have of their wedding. We make a concerted effort to stay up to date with trends in the wedding industry which tend to originate from the USA or the UK. We always put our clients first. We are transparent with our pricing and the fact that our clients pay the vendors directly goes one step further to promoting this transparency.

Do you do plan weddings elsewhere than in Ecuador? We have now the option to plan in a few cases, weddings in Peru and Chile. For us it is very important to have in depth knowledge of an area and already have a network of trusted vendors before we can organize a wedding there.

What time of year is best to get married in Ecuador?

It depends on the region. The Galapagos Islands is lucky to benefit from a great weather all year long. But in general, Ecuador is really at its very best between May and October. The very best months are June, July and September (except for the Rainforest).

What size weddings do you usually organize?

The group sizes we usually work with range from 25 to 60 people. We have organized elopements and have also organized a wedding for 150 people. The most common size of wedding we are used to dealing with is about 20 to 40 people.

Do you have exclusive partnerships with any particular vendors?

We definitely have preferred vendors but do not have any exclusive partnerships with any. We select the vendors to recommend to clients based on their needs which are always very different from one couple to the next. We feel more comfortable working with vendors we have already worked with in the past but are always open to working with new vendors if it is the clients desire.

What budgets do you usually work with?

For an average sized wedding of between 20 to 50 people, the budgets we typically work with are from about 25.000 to 32.000 dollars, including the two-day stay for everyone! We have worked with lower budgets for smaller groups, out of season weddings or weddings taking place in a private venue owned by the couple or a member of their family (meaning no venue hire fee has to be included in the budget). For weddings taking place over 3 days with a welcome event, wedding day and brunch, for 50 people, the global budget often comes out to be between 35.000 and 45.000 dollars.
We make an effort to find solutions for the bride and groom to stay within their budget and do not accept weddings purely based on budget. If your budget is lower than the guidelines marked above, please don’t be afraid to contact us as we enjoy coming up with creative solutions to work within any budget.

How long in advance of my desired wedding date do I need to contact you?

We have a maximum quota of weddings we can realistically take in any one year in order not to over stretch ourselves and be able to offer the best possible level of service. The sooner you contact-us, the better we can accommodate your request. Most couples tend to begin the planning process 12 months before the desired weddings date. 18 months or more of planning time is even better because of the availability of the more popular wedding venues. Shorter turn around times of 6 to 9 months is also possible.

How do we start the wedding planning process with you?

We ask all prospective clients to complete a questionnaire by email in advance of an initial consultation. The aim of the wedding planning document is for us to find out as much information as possible about what you have in mind for your wedding in advance of an initial consultation which takes place over the phone, via Skype or in person if at all possible. Following this, we are able to put together a quote for our services. If the quote is accepted, once the wedding date/s and venue are confirmed, we send you a contract and invoice for the payment of our deposit.

Can we see examples of your previous work?

You can view photos of some of the weddings we have planned in the portfolio section of our website.  A few couples we have worked with have retained the rights for their images for privacy reasons so not all our weddings are featured in our portfolio.